A brand shaped by the land.

Since 1964, with endless drive and dedication, Jacquart has worked to become one of the world’s leading champagne brands. It isn’t everyday that a group of winegrowers decide to create an international brand… The aim of these visionary winegrowers is to offer champagne lovers a brand that is born in the vineyard, not the boardroom.

The commitment and dedication of the growers who established Jacquart fifty years ago still remain the cornerstones of the brand today. Today, Champagne Jacquart represents one fo the largest sources of grapes in the entire Champagne region, covering more than 7% of the surface area in the AOC / appellation.

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Southern Distributors is a Cape Town based import agency focused on sourcing and importing premium French Champagnes. Neil bought Southern Distributors on 2010 with the intention of supplying phenomenal French Champagne at affordable prices to those who appreciate the finer things in life. Southern Distributors started by importing Montaudon Champagne and was latter awarded the contract to import Jacquart Champagne.

T: 082-2940900    neil@southerndistributors.co.za
46 Main Road, Claremont. Cape Town